Octubre 26

Password Protect Grub Bootloader


  1. Log into your box as root
  2. Open up a shell.
  3. At command prompt, become superuser, then type grub:

linux:~ # su
linux:~ # grub

  1. At “grub>” prompt type md5crypt:

grub> md5crypt

  1. Enter a password at the Password: prompt, preferably something other than root password:

Password: *****

  1. It will then give you the password encrypted

Encrypted: $1$Rdv455345ga345GvIRgXWxcF1Vjb7tZ//

  1. Copy the encrypted password into the clipboard.
  2. Open up a new shell.
  3. At command prompt, become superuser, then type vi /boot/grub/menu.lst

linux:~ # su
linux:~ # vi /boot/grub/menu.lst

  1. After you see title SUSE Linux 10.0 on the next line type lock. On the following line type password md5 [the encrypted password you copied from previous shell]:
###Don't change this comment YaST2 identifier: Original name: linux###
title SUSE Linux 10.0
password md5 $1$Rdv455345ga345GvIRgXWxcF1Vjb7tZ//
root (hd0,1)
     kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/hda2 vga=0x31a selinux=0
resume=/dev/hda1  splash=silent showopts
     initrd /boot/initrd

Note: ***You may do the above steps for each grub boot item.
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